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Dear Online Marketer,

Everyone's talking about membership sites. How profitable they are, how affiliates love them for their ongoing commissions, how they help you create a consistent income.

But what exactly is a membership site?

Even the term can be confusing, with so many people using it in so many different ways.

This report sorts out the confusing details and lays them out in logical order, so you'll know exactly what kind of membership model is just right for your business.

Here's a few things you'll learn by signing up for my absolutely free report:

    checkbox.gif Why the publisher model is ideal for niche marketers, and how limiting access can actually help you earn more money.
    Why “continuity models” get a bad rap and how you can combat the bad press and make money anyway.

    How to use a training delivery model to motivate subscribers to move to the next level – and higher payments.

    Why free is sometimes the best membership model of all, and how you can still earn money, even when you give the content away for nothing.

    How coaches can use a membership model to serve more clients and improve their experience.

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