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Dear Online Entrepreneur,

The subject of video marketing can be likened to saving money on groceries: We hear so much about it, it's like water off the proverbial duck's back.

That doesn't stop us from saying things like: "Yeah, yeah... I'll add video one day..." (or even "soon")!

And you fully intend to do so.

But here it is. Time has flown by - and that resolution is still lost among all the others you've never had time to implement.

But what if I told you there were so many more than a few simple, basic reasons for adding video to your marketing mix?

Not only reasons - but ways and methods - including some you may not have considered.

And these are all ways to delight your niche market... and quickly vault you to the head of the crowd.

More Than 26 Benefits to Using the Power of Marketing with Videos

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You'll quickly learn:
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    blue arrow The secret of why video has become the most popular and appealing media

    blue arrow 2 ways you can repel people who view your videos - and one case where you absolutely should

    blue arrow Your lucky 13 ways to make video do more work than you ever dreamed possible! (Yes. Even while you sleep...)

    blue arrow The single most successful method to boost your own video views

    blue arrow The single worst drawback of communicating on the web - and why this doesn't happen with video

    blue arrow 2 massive disadvantages of video - and 3 ways to turn these back to your advantage

    blue arrow 9 more powerful ways to use video - including the single most important reason to create them, by miles

If you're beginning to think it might be time to put the benefits of marketing with video to work for you...

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Video marketing may be leaving you behind, even while you're comfortably deciding you'll get around to it... one day

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